Sewing Illustration

First Aid Pouch PDF Download Pattern


Skill level: Beginner
Total of 7 pages
You will receive clear, easy to follow step by step instructions and color photos to make this phone carrier.

*Please watch my YouTube tutorial:

Finished size:

6’’(15cm)  W x 4 1/2’’(11.5cm) H


  • Solid red quilting cotton: 5’’(13cm) x 5’’(13cm) 
  • Solid white quilting cotton: 5’’(13cm) x 5’’(13cm)
  • Blue print quilting cotton: 12’’(30cm) x 12’’(30cm)
  • Lining fabric: 12’’(30cm) x 12’’(30cm)
  • Woven fusible interfacing: 12’’(30cm) x 12’’(30cm), such as Pellon SF101 
  • Zipper: 6’’(15cm) nylon
  • D-ring: (1) 1/2’’(1.3cm)

• cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter
• Wonder clips and/or pins
• disappearing fabric marker 
• small sharp fabric scissors, utility scissors

Buying this pattern allows you to make and sell items on a small, handmade scale (please credit @zeriano patterns in your written description).
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- Minki Kim